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Merkle Lift.avi

crysis files

Merkle offices and lift

Merkle offices and lift: "

3D model by
This model contains the three steel frame structures that make up Merkel's offices as well as the Merkel Elevator

bridge strucrture, dining table and Keller office components

bridge strucrture, dining table and Keller office components: "

3D model by
contatins parts used for bridges structure, Keller's offices and the table. Note these are not all assemebled in this model.

Instructions for Using Crysis File

To properly experience my environment you should download and install the exodus pine tree pack ( Follow installation guide on cymod

Keys To Operate Buildings:

The Cocoon Surrounding Keller's building can be opened by pressing the 'o' key and closed using the 'p' key

Lifts: Both lifts operate from the same keys. The lifts will go down to the valley floor with the 'l' key and back up to the bridge with the 'k' key

There are a few glitches which occur with in this environment which I have not been able to iron out. The first glitch is with the cocoon flow graphs where one component of the cocoon moves to the incorrect location on first opening. If you press 'o' and then 'p' as soon as you jump in game the problem is fixed.

The other glitches involve some objects not allowing collision properly. Some of the ramps between buildings will allow you to fall through on occasion, after walking half way across the ramp. I have no idea what the source of this problem is, just be warned.

Office Description

This office is designed as a multipurpose building which serves as a center from which Keller can promote her political ideals as well as provide space for her to pursue her academic activities. The building is comprised of three segments:
  • Outer Segment (closest to cliff wall) contains Keller's and her companion's private offices spaces.
  • The elevator is located off the footbridge between the outer and middle segments of the buildings
  • Middle Segment: contains multipurpose spaces for pursuing political activities or holding educational events.
  • Inner Segment: (closest to middle of bridge) Contains a large open area which can be used for a variety of purposes
To address the physical needs of Keller and potential blind visitors the buildings surfaces are heavily textured in different patterns giving the building a tactile element. Furthermore in Keller's private offices the floors are comprised of many different panels on slightly differing angels meaning that after a time Keller will be able to learn her way around the office by feeling the differing angels of the floor. Also of interest is the perforated cocoon which when open allows large amounts of natural air to permeate the building enabling Keller to experience the surrounding environment through a combination of smell and contact with natural air flow.

The three structures that make up Angela Merkel's office complex comprise of a variety rooms of varying functions. Each of the structures is connected by a transparent walk way.
  • Building 1: (closest to end of bridge) contains offices for Merkel's government staff and fellow politicians
  • Building 2: (central) contains a function room on first floor, a board room on the second and Merkel's private office on the top floor. Note lift is located on top floor adjacent to Merkel's office, turn left at the top of the stairs.
  • Building 3: (closest to center of bridge) contains open air space for political activities and a library area.